Eastern Tibet Tour

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Duration 15 Days
Trip Grade  (Moderate)
  • Destination: Tibet
  • Transportation: NA
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About Trip

This wonderful trip to Eastern Tibet takes us to some regions that are not often visited by tourists. Rich in Tibetan culture and tradition as well as the rich Buddhist Tradition that is indigenous to the region. We travel through scenic and lush countryside, visit the sacred lake Lugu Lake as well as completing a Kora of Chenrezik peak. We will visit some monasteries and traditional Tibetan villages.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Arrival in Kunming then fly to Lijiang (45 min flight)
  • Day 02:Drive to Lugu Lake (6-7 hrs)
  • Day 03:Lugu Lake – full day sightseeing
  • Day 04:Lugu to Shangri-La (4-5 hrs)
  • Day 05:Shangri-La sightseeing
  • Day 06:Shangri_La to Daocheng (9-10 hrs)
  • Day 07:Daocheng to Yading National Park
  • Day 08:Chenrezik peak Kora day one to Nomad Camp (4-5 hrs)
  • Day 09:Second day Kora of Chenrezik then back to Daocheng
  • Day 10:Daocheng to Kanze (4-5 hrs)
  • Day 11:Kanze to Serta (Larung Gar)
  • Day 12:Sky Burial Ceremony then to Luhuo (Luhuo, Garze, Sichuan)
  • Day 13:Luhuo to Kangding via Tagong Monastery
  • Day 14:Dangding to Chengdu (5-6 hrs)
  • Day 15:Departure Day

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival in Kunming then fly to Lijiang (45 min flight)Today you will be arriving at Kunming Changshui International airport. Our company representative will be there to pick you up and transfer you to your domestic flight to Lijiang. It’s a short 45 min flight. Lijiang is a city in the Yunnan province that has more than 800 years of history. The narrow laneways here run parallel to the channels of clear water that flow through here giving the city a magical feeling. There is a lot to do and explore here like the well preserved old town which is rich in the culture of the Naxi ethnic minority that live here. There are the Lion mountains to the west which are covered by thick forest as well as the Elephant and Golden Row mountains to the north. Overnight in Lijiang.
  • Day 2Drive to Lugu Lake (6-7 hrs) Today we will drive to Lugu Lake at 2685m. It’s about 200km from Lijiang. It’s a beautiful drive through lush green valley’s with rice fields and a mountain backdrop complete with small villages. Overnight in Lugu.
  • Day 3Lugu Lake – full day sightseeing Today you will have the time to explore this beautiful place. This serene lake with sparkling water will bestow a feeling of serenity on anyone who comes here. The mood of the lake changes with the light and weather during the day. You can take a walk around the shoreline or opt for a canoe ride on the water. There is forest surrounding the lake which is pristine and beautiful that can be enjoyed as well. Overnight in Lugu.
  • Day 4Lugu to Shangri-La (4-5 hrs) This morning we will be driving to the Shangri-La County. This region relies on road transportation and all of the main roads such as the Yunnan Tibet Road, the Sichuan Tibet Road and the Xikang Tibet Road pass through here. Again we will be driving through green hills with terraced rice fields and beautiful rural scenery. Overnight in Shangri-La.
  • Day 5Shangri-La sightseeing Today you will have the chance to experience Tibetan lifestyle, culture, religion and food. We start with the Sumtsaling Monastery that was built in 1679 by the fifth Dalai Lama. From here we travel to the Pudacuo National park which is 22 km to the east and features beautiful lakes, rivers and marshes. Overnight in Shangri-La.
  • Day 6Shangri_La to Daocheng (9-10 hrs) The road to day is one of the most scenic in the world. With beautiful landscapes it passes tranquil lakes, passes through lush forests and picturesque plains. There are many small villages along the way filled with local eateries where we can stop and enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. Overnight in Daocheng.
  • Day 7Daocheng to Yading National Park The drive today takes around 3 hours and for most of the way is a dirt road. The Yading National Park has only been open to visitors since the late 1990’s. It contains three sacred peaks, Jambeyang, Chanadorjee and Chenrezik. Tibetan belief is that these three peaks bring good fortune and merit is people make a pilgrimage (Kora) and walk around the peaks. This is a beautifully scenic place with an abundance of flora and fauna in the magnificent mountains and meadows that are a feature of this national park. Overnight in Yading National Park Guest House.
  • Day 8Chenrezik peak Kora day one to Nomad Camp (4-5 hrs) Kora of Chenrezik Peak is popular here and it is normally completed in 2 days. Horses are also available if needed as this trek is quite strenuous in parts. We undertake the first section of Kora which involves walking down below the west face of Chenrezik passing waterfalls along the way. The walk is quite steep until Kasi Camp as we walk until the nomad camp with captivating scenery along the way. We finish in a valley at the base of Chenrezik peak where we will find a stone hut and overnight camp. Overnight in camp.
  • Day 9Second day Kora of Chenrezik then back to Daocheng Today we head down to the Kasi Valley (horse available if needed) through a narrow gully to Kasi Village. In Tibetan legend departed souls have to walk through this gully after their death towards heaven. From Kasi Village we head to Daocheng having finished our Kora. Overnight in Daocheng.
  • Day 10Daocheng to Kanze (4-5 hrs) Our destination today is Kanze, a bustling market town that sits in a valley surrounded by the Trola (Chola) range. The surrounding countryside is dotted with traditional Tibetan villages and ancient monasteries. The Kandze Monastery is located on a hilltop just out of town, we take the time to visit here. Overnight in Kanze.
  • Day 11Kanze to Serta (Larung Gar) Larung Gar is an awe inspiring sight with thousands of box like houses that cover the hillside. There are around 40,000 monks, nuns and students that live in these homes. The Larung Gar Buddhist Institute is the largest Tibetan Buddhist Institute in the world and dominates the town. The people of this area or mainly “Kham” speaking Tibetans. Overnight in Larung Gar.
  • Day 12Sky Burial Ceremony then to Luhuo (Luhuo, Garze, Sichuan) Today you will have the opportunity to watch a sky burial ceremony. The Tibetan belief is that the body becomes an empty vessel once the soul departs. The purpose of this ceremony is to dispose of the remains in a conscious way back to the earth. In Tibet the ground is too rocky and hard to bury the dead and there is a scarcity of fuel so traditional Buddhist cremation is not possible. The sky burial is a practical way for the Tibetans to bury their dead and thus this tradition has developed over the centuries. From here we travel 134km to Luhuo County. Overnight in Luhuo.
  • Day 13Luhuo to Kangding via Tagong Monastery We drive from Luhuo to Kanding today along a scenic road which cuts through lush green valleys, hills and plains. On the way we stop at Tangong and visit the Tangong Monastery which is located on a sacred mountain, Yala Peak or Zhara Lhatse (5820m). This is a Sakya Tradition monastery where they teach Buddhism to young scholars. From here we travel to Kangding where we can have a look around the area and see the Tibetan culture and lifestyle of the locals. Overnight in Kangding.
  • Day 14Dangding to Chengdu (5-6 hrs) Today we travel back to Chengdu which is a drive of around 5-6 hours with beautiful scenery along the way. There is a lot to do in Chengdu particularly some souvenir shopping and enjoying some authentic Chinese cuisine before you leave. Overnight in Chengdu.
  • Day 15Departure Day It’s the end of our trip today. You will be escorted to the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in time for your flight.

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