Shivapuri Peak Spiritual Day Hike

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Duration 1 Day
Trip Grade  (Moderate)
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Style: Day Tour
  • Food: Lunch
  • Transportation: Private Vehicle
  • Altitude: 2732 M
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About Trip

This Shivapuri Trekking Day Hike is a wonderful journey of nature, through the lush forest on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley. This special place is filled with the element of deep spirituality that contributes to an incredible journey of spirituality and awakening.

We start with a visit to the Budhanilkantha Temple, home of the Sleeping Vishnu one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites in the valley. Entering the Shivapuri National Park we hike through lush forest to arrive at the Baghdwar, the source of the holy river Bagmati before visiting with Todke Baba and the ascetics that reside in the jungle in this holy place.

We continue on to the Shivapuri Peak (2732m) from where we enjoy beautiful views over the valley and hills below before returning back to Kathmandu.

This day hike is suitable for people of reasonable fitness and is moderate in difficulty.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:You will be picked up from your hotel at 8AM.

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1You will be picked up from your hotel at 8AM.Our day starts with a drive to Budhanilkantha Temple where we stop to visit the temple and get a look at the sleeping Vishnu statue. The Budhanilkantha statue of the Hindu God Vishnu is carved from a single block of black basalt stone. This 5m long statue is the largest and most beautiful stone carving in Nepal and attracts hundreds of pilgrims each year. Called the Sleeping Vishnu, or Jalakshayan Narayan the statue depicts Vishnu reclining on the twisting coils of the cosmic serpent Shesha (The eternal, multi-headed king of the serpent deities known as the Nagas). His legs are crossed and the eleven heads of Shesha cradle his head. In Vishnu’s four hands are held objects that are symbols of his divine qualities, a chakra or disc (representing the mind), a conch shell (the four elements), a lotus flower (the moving universe) and the club (primeval knowledge).
    After visiting the temple we are taken by our vehicle to the starting point for our trek at the gates to the Shivapuri National Park. From here we walk through the dense forest for which Shivapuri is known, taking a fast track off the main vehicle road with steep stairs in a trail direct to the top. The dense forest gives us opportunity to see wildlife and the light play with the shafts of sunlight that penetrate is always mesmerizing.
    After 2-3 hours of climbing we arrive at Baghdwar which is a water tap from where a natural spring from where the holy river Bagmati originates. Here there is a series of pools and statues dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as a small Stupa. The trees here are festooned with prayer flags. Its an amazing site.
    Not far from the Baghdwaris a small Gumba (monastery) and the shacks of some small hermitages. This is the home of Todke Baba, an ascetic Sadhu or Baba who came originally from Delhi in India and has been living in this forest for some 23 years. It is said that he spent many years meditating in the hollowed out trunk of a tree in this spot. We will spend some time having tea with Todke Baba (or perhaps one of the others if he is not in residence as he spends part of the year elsewhere) before continuing on our journey.
    From the hermitages we continue our climb to Shivapuri Peak (2732m) which is about 1 hour walk away. From the summit we are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding valley and hills.
    From here it’s all downhill and we backtrack to our starting point. On the return journey we stop at the NagiGumba for a visit with the monks that reside here and to have some refreshments. We are collected by our vehicle and the day ends with a vehicle ride back to Kathmandu.
    You will be escorted back to your hotel at around 5-6pm

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