The Best Time to Visit

There are positives and negatives to visiting Nepal at any time of the year. Here is an overview of what is best at what time of the year.

Spring ( March-May)

  • A great time for general touring
  • A little less busy than the autumn trekking season
  • Clear days and warm temperatures
  • Great for rhododendrons and spring flowers
  • A great season for mountain trekking
  • In the mountains, blue skies and snow-capped peaks are common scenes

Summer (June-August)

  • Low/shoulder season
  • The best time for Upper Mustang and the Tibetan Plateau (anywhere in the rain shadow areas)
  • Off-peak – a good time for touring of World Heritage Cultural sites, Kathmandu, Lumbini, Pokhara etc
  • A good time for visiting villages (rice planting and lush fields)
  • High altitude areas have wildflowers in flower (but may be difficult to access in some areas)
  • Monsoon views of hills and mountains are very dramatic with clouds in the picture but if you are after snow-capped peaks and clear blue skies this is not the season.
  • Views of snow-capped peaks not common due to low cloud cover
  • Remote roads can be difficult or impassable when wet
  • Terai wildlife zones (such as Chitwan) not possible at this time of the year

Autumn (Sept-Nov)

  • High season
  • The busiest season for trekking
  • Weather is generally perfect with clear skies and snow-capped peaks commonly seen
  • In the mountains autumn, colored trees dot the hillsides
  • It’s festival time in the cities and villages with Dashain and Tihar back to back in October

Winter (Dec-Feb)

  • Low season
  • It’s pretty cold in Kathmandu and the mountains at this time of the year
  • In the lowlands and mid hills, haze is common at this time of the year
  • In the mountains, it is very cold and snowfall is common
  • Potentially this is a good time of year for trips to the Terai wildlife areas (much quieter but still dry with milder weather)
  • Mountain areas although cold are beautiful with clear skies and snow-capped peaks, but at high altitude passes and high areas will be with limited access due to snowfall.